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Wikborg Rein assisting Summa Equity with rolling Norsk Gjenvinning into a new continuation fund


We are thankful for the opportunity to assist Summa Equity in connection with Summa Fund I's and other existing shareholders' sale of NG to Summa Circular, a continuation vehicle managed by Summa Equity.

The total transaction value amounts to more than EUR 550m and will allow Summa and the NG management team to continue executing their value creation plan by capturing the expanding market opportunity stemming from the shift towards a circular economy.

The Wikborg Rein core transaction team comprised Sigurd Opedal, Henrik Begby and Fredrik Hals.

For more details on the transaction, see Summa Equity pioneers an Article 9 continuation… | Summa Equity.

Profile image of Sigurd Opedal
Sigurd Opedal
E-mail sop@wr.no
Profile image of Henrik Andreas Begby
Henrik Andreas Begby
E-mail hen@wr.no
Profile image of Fredrik Hals
Fredrik Hals
Managing Associate
E-mail fdh@wr.no

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