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Social responsibility

We believe that our business should have a positive impact on the society around us. To this end, we support several good initiatives through both pro-bono work and financial support. These initiatives include the the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Stine Sofie's Foundation, and One Ocean Expedition. Read more about our three partners here.

Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Wikborg Rein has a long-standing partnership with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, a non-governmental non-profit organization that works to promote human rights both in Norway and internationally.

The committee supports individuals and organisations that defend human rights and democracy in their home countries, document abuses and provide legal support to victims. As we have long  representation Ukrainian state-owned entities, we are particularly focused on finding ways to support Ukraine against Russian aggression. We offer both legal pro bono services and financial support. In 2022, our sanction team used legal analysis to contribute to a report on human rights sanctions

Read the report here (PDF)

Stine Sofie's Foundation

Stine Sofie's Foundation (Norwegian) is one of our newer social responsibility partners, established after the Baneheia case in 2000 when two young girls were killed in Kristiansand.  Every year, two out of ten children are subjected to violence and the foundation works to prevent and uncover violence and abuse against children and adolescents, protect those who are vulnerable, and strengthen their rights.

With 60 employees based in Grimstad, the foundation launched its first "Children's Accident Investigation Board" (Barnas havarikommisjon) (Norwegian) in January 2023, for which we provided the legal basis. The commission's report shows significant deficiencies in the legal security of children subjected to violence and abuse.

We support the foundation with both pro bono services and financial support, assisting with the investigation of applicable law, Norway’s international obligations, and the legislative aspects of potential amendment proposals that may strengthen the legal protection of children.

One Ocean Expedition

As the only law firm to partner with One Ocean Expedition (OOE), Wikborg Rein is proud to partner support its global voyage for a sustainable ocean. The UN reports that 90% of large fish populations are on the verge of depletion, and half of the coral reefs are destroyed. The OOE project aims to raise awareness and share knowledge about the critical role of the ocean in achieving sustainable development in a global scale.

The 116-year-old State ship Lehmkuhl has been upgraded with the latest in ocean and climate research technology and will sail around the world over 19 months, having departed from Arendal during "Arendalsuka" in August 2021. The ship called at 36 different cities, including Singapore and Shanghai, and arrived in Bergen in May 2023. The vessel is staffed at all times by professionals from various fields who will research and monitor the sea over the 55,000 nautical miles covered by the ship. The ship also serves as a meeting point for conferences, business meetings and social gatherings in port.

Two of our employees have been given the opportunity to participate in the exotic trajectory from Singapore to Jakarta in Indonesia (Norwegian).

You can also read about why we are marking the World’s Ocean Day (Norwegian).

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