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Sustainability reporting

In 2020, the firm signed an agreement with UN Global Compact (UNGC), committing to delivering sustainability principles and implementing measures that support the UN's sustainability goals.

As part of its UNGC membership, the firm provides a Communication on Progress (COP) every year, highlighting our progress and initiatives within four core areas – human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption, and the environment. In 2022, our Communication on Progress was integrated in our Sustainability Report (PDF). 

  • Human rights: Wikborg Rein supports and upholds international human rights, we ensure that our operations do not contribute to any violations of these rights. As a global law firm, we recognise that we are exposed both directly and indirectly to ethical risk, and we take our responsibility as lawyers seriously in reducing such risks.
  • Worker Rights: We value our employees as our most important resource, and we are committed to ensuring that their freedom of association is always respected. At Wikborg Rein, we have a zero-tolerance policy for child labor, forced labor, harassment, and discrimination, and we strive to create a safe and inclusive workplace for all.
  • Anti-corruption: As legal professionals, it is our duty to promote justice and prevent wrongdoing. Fighting corruption is not just a moral obligation for us but is also a fundamental part of our ethical guidelines that all Wikborg Rein employees must follow.
  • Environment: We take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and strive to safeguard our environmental responsibility. At Wikborg Rein, we encourage the development and sharing of eco-friendly technology and focus on deploying technology-driven solutions where ever possible to reduce our environmental impact.