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Financial Regulation

Our financial regulation team possesses vast expertise in the financial regulatory sphere, providing comprehensive assistance to all manner of regulated companies operating in the financial sector in industries such as banking, insurance, securities trading, asset management and real estate. .

Entities regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority are subjected to extensive monitoring and intervention, and are required to have customised company structures, agreements and internal processes in place, which our team are well placed to assist with.

Our team has accumulated practical experience from regulatory work in-house within banks, insurance companies, pensions, investment companies and fund managers, amongst others. We are consequently well-equipped to provide practical, commercial and pertinent advice to our clients within the context of financial regulation

Our significant expertise and experience in several industries, including shipping and property. allows financial players with a focus on specific sectors to benefit from our comprehensive services tailored to their unique business needs. As new technology and business models emerge, operators face increasing demands, and our team provides legal expertise with in-depth industry knowledge, a high level of service and a high degree of availability.

We offer

Concessions and permits

  • All types of financial activities and businesses
  • Establishment of new companies
  • Assistance with new and extended permits
  • Contact with authorities
  • Market conduct
    • Consulting and assistance in the event of decisions related to insider trading, market manipulation, short sales, flagging etc.
    • Consulting in relation to good business practice in marketing and sales to consumers
  • Product development
    • Advisory and structuring of new products
    • Consulting and structuring syndicates and investment companies for collective investment
  • AML/KYC and Compliance
    • Establishment and implementation of compliance programmes and preparation of documentation
    • Assistance in regulatory issues, sanctions and disciplinary matters/examinations
    • Consulting and preparation of documentation and internal training in AML/KYC relationships
  • M&A and company transactions
    • Involvement of all types of regulated companies and portfolio transfers, etc.
  • Cross-border questions
    • Cross-border services and establishments
    • Brexit
  • Scoping of regulations for different types of financial products and services
  • Lectures and training measures

Additionally, a number of rules and legislation, such as the Money Laundering Act, the EU's taxonomy and the Financial Supervisory Authority's general administrative authority, apply across sectors.We have dedicated individuals with the expertise to advise in these areas.

Our financial regulatory lawyers work collaboratively across teams and draw on necessary expertise from other business groups, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach. This applies to a range of areas, including tax, fees, EEA law, company law/M&A, financing, compliance/sanctions, procedure, employment law, technology/digitalisation and privacy.

We have dedicated experts in all of these areas, providing clients with the most informed and practical advice possible.

Financial regulations are both extensive and complex, subject to frequent changes, and EU rules are increasingly being implemented without legal or regulatory texts adapted by Norwegian authorities, at the expense of regulatory accessibility. A large part of our work involves dialogue with supervisory authorities to clarify legal issues or challenge regulatory interpretations in the event of disagreement. Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing assistance related to decisions and complaint cases, ensuring our clients are supported every step of the way.

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Specialist Counsel
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Sustainability in financial regulation

Financial entities play a crucial role in driving sustainable transformation through their expertise in consultancy, management, and capital allocation. By incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors into their operations, they can reduce financial risks relating to sustainability and steer investments towards more sustainable options.

In order to ensure transparency, prevent greenwashing and create incentives to take sustainability into account, the EU has developed a new framework for sustainable finance. This framework sets out a number of obligations for regulated financial actors, including requirements relating to regulated operators' organization, customer management, product management and risk management. There are also a number of new and extensive reporting obligations, including assessments of the company's taxonomy share, and requirements for conducting due diligence assessments. Regulated financial institutions will additionally be affected by obligations imposed on investment entities and other actors in the financial market. A good system understanding will be crucial for satisfactory compliance with the regulations.

We assist clients with advice and practical solutions that facilitate compliance with relevant legal requirements which are tailored to the customer's business.

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Simplified prospectus rules coming – the Listing Act legislative package

The European Commission has put forward a proposed legislative package called the "Listing Act". The purpose of the Listing Act is inter alia to simplify listing on European public markets, and alleviate the requirements for companies once listed. The Listing Act was voted through by the European Parliament in April 2024 and will eventually be implemented in Norway.


Securitisation is coming to Norway

The EU's regulations on securitisation will be incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 12 June. It is likely that the rules quickly will be implemented into Norwegian law, with entry into force 1 January 2025.


Direct lending coming to Norway

Direct lending has so far been largely absent in the Norwegian market due to regulatory constraints. However, the regulatory landscape is about to change which will present new possibilities for non-bank lending.

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