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EU recent developments – new sanctions framework for Niger, preparation for EU’s 12th package of sanctions targeting Russia


In this Sanctions Alert, we provide an update on the following recent developments in the EU:

  1. the EU’s new framework for Niger
  2. the preparation for the EU’s upcoming 12th package of sanctions against Russia.

New autonomous framework for restrictive measures against Niger

On 23 October 2023, the Council of the European Union adopted a framework for restrictive measures in view of the situation in Niger. The new framework is implemented as a response to the military coup attempted on 26 July 2023, which was immediately condemned by the EU.

According to the Council's press release, the new framework allows the EU to sanction individuals and entities responsible for actions that threaten the peace, stability and security of Niger, undermine the constitutional order, democracy, rule of law, or constitute serious human rights violations or abuses, or violations of applicable international humanitarian law in Niger.

The measures include asset freeze restrictions and a prohibition to make funds available for designated individuals and entities, as well as travel bans. The measures will also include exemptions for the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

With the new framework, the EU seeks to strengthen its support for the sanctions already implemented by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The new framework can be found in the EU Journal.

EU starts preparation for the 12th package of sanctions against Russia

Four months after the implementation of the EU's 11th package of sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, the EU has now started preparations for a 12th package, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reports that the new package will include "a ban on Russian diamonds, a further crack down on Moscow's ability to get around sanctions and listing companies in third countries that are helping Moscow to do so". The EU has reportedly been working closely with the G7 countries, which are also working on a ban on Russian diamonds, to create a mechanism that would track diamonds across borders.

Other measures expected in the 12th package include an expansion of the list of restricted goods that could be used for military purposes (dual-use goods) and potentially the introduction of a mechanism in compliance with applicable law in which revenues from frozen Russian assets can be redirected towards support for Ukraine.

WR Sanctions Alerts provide you with updates on material developments in the country-specific sanctions programmes implemented by the US, the UN, the UK, the EU and Norway. We will not provide updates on mere prolongations, without material changes, of existing sanctions programmes, nor on any listings or de-listings of individuals/entities placed on implemented sanctions lists. Please note that the WR Sanctions Alerts are provided as general information and do not constitute legal advice.

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