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More about Svein Erik

Svein Erik primarily works with strategic advisory services, dispute resolution and litigation. He also has experience with general corporate legal advisory services as well as advisory services related to various types of transactions such as acquisitions, mergers/demergers, reorganizations, equity investments, and other M&A transactions. In addition to being a legal associate, Svein Erik is a state-authorized public accountant (CPA) and holds a Master of Science in Business Administration. He has previously worked for nearly 6 years as an auditor, where he has been involved in auditing major public listed companies across a variety of industries. He has extensive experience in IFRS, NGAAP, audit methodology, and general financial advisory. The combination of his financial and legal background often leads to his involvement in cases with issues at the intersection of economics and law, including disputes within post-M&A, tort law, and corporate law.