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More about Tine Elisabeth

Tine provides advice within a wide range of compliance related topics, both on the preventive and the responsive side. Her core areas of expertise are sanctions and trade compliance, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and responsible business including human rights and the Norwegian Transparency Act. She has worked on several international investigations related to corruption or other forms of misconduct, and headed crisis management teams established to handle the coordination between the investigators, legal advisors in several jurisdictions as well as advisors within other disciplines. Furthermore, Tine has considerable experience advising on international sanctions and trade compliance, where she provides advice from a multi-jurisdictional perspective, and is responsible for the firm's Trade Compliance & Sanctions Team. Tine works with various sectors, but particularly industry, shipping and the energy/petroleum sectors. She also has practical experience from her time working as an in-house legal advisor in the compliance department of two larger industry corporations. Tine is ranked as a Next Generation Partner by Legal500 where it is quoted: ‘Tine Vigmostad is probably one of the best sanctions lawyers in Norway.’ ‘Tine Vigmostad has in depth knowledge and practical in-house experience that makes her advice tailored and practical for our operational needs. This makes a huge difference from many other law firms that have a more theoretical approach.’