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Life sciences and healthcare

Our lawyers assist Norwegian and international life sciences and healthcare businesses with a wide range of issues related to healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and foodstuffs.

The life sciences and healthcare industry is subject to strict and far-reaching regulatory requirements. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of and experience with regulatory issues related to pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food supplements and foodstuffs, and can assist with navigating and complying with relevant regulations.

Life sciences is a field involving large investments in research and development. As a consequence, patents and other intellectual property rights are essential. The intellectual property team at Wikborg Rein are among the most experienced in Norway with disputes involving patents and other intellectual property rights within this field. We regularly represent pharmaceutical companies in disputes about patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPC).

Our lawyers have specialised legal expertise combined with long-standing experience. As a full-service law firm, we assist in all the legal areas specific to life sciences and healthcare.

We offer

  • Disputes involving enforcement and the validity of patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPC)
  • Protection of inventions, trade secrets, data and other intellectual property rights
  • Regulatory issues, including issues relating to marketing authorisation, prices and refunds and the substitution scheme for pharmaceuticals 
  • Agreements on Research and Development (R&D), testing and clinical trials, licensing, production, distribution and cooperation
  • Marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements and food
  • Data protection and information security relating to clinical research, digital health and healthcare technology. International commercial trade, export and import, including parallel import
  • Contact with public authorities, such as the Medicines Agency (Legemiddelverket), the Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), the Consumer Authority (Forbrukertilsynet), the Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet), and the Intellectual Property Office (Patentstyret)
  • Public procurements involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Issues relating to EU/EEA law and competition law
  • Mergers, acquisitions and investments in the life sciences and healthcare sector
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Chambers and Partners Life Sciences & Pharma IP Litigation 2023

Our lawyers have contributed to the Norwegian chapter in Chambers and Partners' guide on "Life Sciences & Pharma IP Litigation". The guide is available at Chambers and Partners' webpages.

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Life Science & Pharma IP Litigation 2023

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SPC manufacturing waiver has entered into force in Norway

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