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Consumer, marketing and e-commerce

Our team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the regulatory framework for marketing, consumer protection and e-commerce.

Businesses that offer goods and services to consumers navigate a landscape characterised by stringent regulatory requirements for marketing and sales. The digital transformation has changed the way marketing is done and what products and services are offered. Meanwhile, the regulations are constantly evolving, driven by changes in the law and new practices from government authorities.

We assist businesses in navigating and complying with the regulations related to marketing, consumer protection and e-commerce. The team also has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating agreements related to e-commerce and digital goods and services, as well as handling disputes related to consumer protection and marketing.

Our experts have specialised legal expertise combined with broad industry experience. As a full-service business law firm, we provide assistance in all areas of law related to consumer protection, marketing and e-commerce.

We offer

  • Advisory services related to advertising and marketing campaigns, including pricing and sales marketing, social media marketing, and product placement.
  • Compliance with legal requirements for e-commerce and digital goods and services, including the right of withdrawal and information obligations.
  • Advice related to ensuring and documenting compliance with data protection legislation, including direct marketing and customer loyalty programs.
  • Comparative advertising, product imitation, good business practice, and infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Use of claims related to sustainability, health and nutrition in marketing.
  • Product requirements, product labelling and product liability.
  • Advisory services related to lotteries, gambling, and e-sports.
  • Dialogue with public authorities such as the Consumer Authority, the Market Council, and the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).
  • Handling of disputes before the courts, the Consumer Complaints Board, the Consumer Council, and the Council dealing with unfair marketing practices.
  • Establishment of internal procedures and compliance training.
  • EU/EEA law and competition law.
  • Assistance in connection with business transactions, investments, and strategic collaborations.
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