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For law students

There are many different opportunities to get to know Wikborg Rein better and to learn more about what it’s like to work as a business lawyer. For example, you may apply for traineeships, attend private tutoring sessions, student fairs and other student-related activities that we arrange and support.

As a trainee in Wikborg Rein, you will get to know one of Norway’s largest and most international law firms. Over a period of 4 weeks, you will receive an insight as to what it is like to work as a lawyer. The tasks are varied and may include anything from investigating legal issues, working with dispute cases or assisting in a transaction. In many cases, you can also take part in a trial. All trainees are included in professional and social events, and we do our best to make your traineeship as educational, meaningful and enjoyable as possible. All trainees are assigned a buddy who will liaise with them during their traineeship.

We welcome applications for traineeships at our offices in Oslo or Bergen. So that your traineeship is as rewarding as possible for both you and Wikborg Rein it is preferable that you have started on your 3rd semester before you apply for a position, Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Our Trainee Program

In addition to a traineeship, Wikborg Rein can also offer traineeships for students with an interest in specific areas of law. There are different application deadlines for each of these traineeships.

We offer the following specific trainee programs in the following areas:

Writing position including scholarship

Those employed as an associate can also be offered a writing position while writing their master's thesis. With a writing position with us, you will also get a scholarship, access to our facilities, a separate office space, a buddy who will provide social follow-up, as well as professional guidance. In addition, you will be invited to all professional and social events that take place during your stay.

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Wikborg Rein Tops the Student Rankings - Again

For the eleventh year in a row, Norwegian law students have named Wikborg Rein the most attractive employer in the legal industry.


Ten years as the industry´s most attractive employer

For ten years in a row, law students have ranked Wikborg Rein as the preferred law firm to work for, making it the most attractive employer in the industry.


First day, first case

Patrick Oware had heard rumours that you get your required procedural experience quickly in Wikborg Rein, but he had never thought it would go this fast.

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