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Company Law

Our team comprised of experts in company commercial law with exceptional corporate experience. We combine theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience across a vast range of the most important commercial business areas.

Companies, whether private, limited, or public, form the foundation of Norwegian and international business. A thorough understanding of laws, regulations and practices is essential for optimal formation and management of business in an ever-changing market.

Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of both Norwegian and international company law.

Our team works across all disciplines, including M&A, dispute resolution and asset management/regulatory. They also work closely with the capital market and compliance teams. The group works together seamlessly to maintain and advance its position as one of the country’s leading experts in this field.

The team's corporate expertise and real-world experience provides pragmatic, commercial and effective advice which is solution-orientated and value driven. Our expertise is critical to finding the optimal company structure and transaction model to provide a successful commercial solution. Our experts work on sale and purchase agreements, shareholder agreements and capital structure. We have particular expertise related to the planning and implementation of mergers and demergers.

We establish systems for effective and value-creating management and offer workshops for boards and senior management groups to provide knowledge and training in monitoring ongoing obligations and responsibilities. We advise on optimal planning and implementation of general meetings, agreements between companies and third parties, capitalisation and sound equity, formulation of management salary and dividend policies.

Our experts work daily to prevent and resolve shareholder conflicts, including enforcing ownership rights, minority protection, and issues related to valuation, including redemption and exclusion. We have extensive experience of dispute resolution in matters relating to pre-emptive right, consent requirements, corporate circumvention/cross-cutting and enforcement.

Our expertise includes the Companies Act’s rules on the investigation of limited companies.

Our Companies Court Group has unique experience related to advice about state ownership and public ownership in general.

We offer

Advisory services with particular focus on legal issues arising from the day-to-day management of a business:

  • When to schedule transactions
  • During the execution of transactions
  • Corporate governance
  • Ongoing management
  • Shareholder issues
  • Dispute resolution
  • Investigations
  • State/Public ownership
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Securitisation is coming to Norway

The EU's regulations on securitisation will be incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 12 June. It is likely that the rules quickly will be implemented into Norwegian law, with entry into force 1 January 2025.


WR Asset Management: Choice of fund structure – Norwegian limited company, limited partnership or foreign fund vehicle?

What type of fund structure should a Norwegian fund manager choose when establishing a new alternative investment fund? This depends, among other factors, on what the fund will invest in, the target investors, the required flexibility for capital contributions and distributions from the fund, the need for confidentiality, etc.


Gender Quota Regulation for the board of directors of Norwegian private limited liability companies

New and extended gender quota regulations to the board of directors of Norwegian private limited liability companies are adopted. Until now, gender quota regulations have applied only for listed public limited liability companies and state owned companies. The newly adopted regulation, which shall also apply to inter alia certain partnerships, co-operatives and foundations, significantly broadens the scope of gender quota mandates.

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