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European Commission announces ninth package of sanctions on Russia

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On 7 December 2022, president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, outlined a proposal for a ninth package of sanctions.

According to President von der Leyen, the proposed package includes:

  • 200 additional individuals and entities will be added to the EU sanctions list, including amongst others:
    • The Russian armed forces, individual officers, and defence industrial companies;
    • Members of the State Duma and Federation Council;
    • Ministers, governors and political parties.
  • Sanctions imposed on three additional banks, including a full transaction ban on the Russian Regional Development Bank. President von der Leyen did not name the other two banks.
  • New export controls and restrictions, particularly for dual-use goods, including key chemicals, nerve agents, electronics and IT components.
  • Export ban on drone engines to Russia and to any third countries, such as Iran, which could supply drones to Russia.
  • In an effort to target the Russian propaganda machine, four additional channels will be taken off the air and all other distribution platforms. President von der Leyen did not name the channels in question.
  • Further economic measures against the Russian energy and mining sector, including a ban on new mining investments.

The timeline for when the ninth package will be adopted is not yet clear.

See a press statement from the President von der Leyen here.

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